Licks| Metal| Shred

10 Shred Licks to Spice Up Your Leads

Samy Elbanna (Lost Society)
Difficulty: Intermediate, Advanced



I compiled 10 absolutely crucial shred licks that I literally can’t live without! For me, what I like to achieve is always writing solos that aren’t just “lick after lick”, but how to sew it all together. Many of these licks serve as the perfect glue, to glue YOUR own solos together and make them sound massive!

Example 1
Slide it up

Example 2
Alternate picking and string skipping

Example 3
Quick lick

Example 4
Sweep picking lick

Example 5
Tappety tap

Example 6
Alternate picking lick

Example 7
Pentatonic shred 1

Example 8
Tapping and legato

Example 9
Bend it up

Example 10
Pentatonic shred 2


Whenever practicing anything, always start slow and work your way up to faster tempos.

Speed should always be a by-product of accuracy! 

Artist Spotlight

Samy Elbanna is a guitar and singer, most known for founding Lost Society. Samy founded the band and has been the frontman since the bands formation in 2010. Lost Society has released 4 albums and played over 400 shows all over the world, including support tours with bands such as Children Of Bodom, Testament, Exodus etc.

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Samy has been a part of many different projects such as Red Wolf, a band formed during the lockdown period of 2020 with members from Stone and Cyhra.  Samy was also the bassist for The Local Band, which was a cover project that consisted of himself, Alexi Laiho (Children Of Bodom, Bodom After Midnight), Olli Herman (Reckless Love) and Jussi69 (The 69 Eyes). 

In the 15 years of guitar playing, Samy has done tens of solo features for different bands, and has solidified himself as one of the leading metal guitarists of the new generation.

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10 Shred Licks to Spice Up Your Leads

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